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Netzel Roofing & Construction

Veteran owned with numerous years of experience in the construction field.

About us- Netzel Roofing & Construction has numerous years of experience in the construction field, and prides itself on providing our customers with an experience that is hands-down THE best experience they have ever been a part of in regards to the construction field.

We believe that, first and foremost, it all starts with customer service, followed by consistent communication throughout the process, and installation of all trades that surpasses the expectation set forth by the manufacturer, and I follow through until the end, making for an experience that was of the upmost and professionalism. We are veteran owned, so you can rest assured that attention to detail, teamwork, and communication are key!

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Trusted Construction Company in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas

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Roofing Services

  • Asphalt roof systems
  • Flat roof systems
  • Panel roof systems
  • Standing seam roof systems
  • TPO roof systems
  • Stone coated steel roof systems
  • Clay tile roof systems
  • Concrete roof systems

Gutters Services

  • Commercial grade gutter systems
  • Custom luxury gutter systems
  • Standard 5 inch gutter systems
  • Standard 6 inch gutter systems
  • Gutter screen installation

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Fencing Services

  • Residential and Commercial fencing
  • Side-by-side fencing
  • Board on board fencing
  • Rod iron fencing
  • Chain-link fencing

Carpentry and Paint

  • Facia soffit and siding replacement
  • Exterior house paint
  • Interior sheet rock repair
  • Interior paint

The Areas We Serve

Dallas Fort Worth, Texas
Austin, Texas

Netzel Roofing & Construction

A good home is held up by many things. It starts at the foundation, up through supports and walls, but one thing that keeps a house from falling is its roof. A good roof lifts a house up, expands it and brightens it. But a bad roof can make a house feel cramped and heavy. It’s weight on the shoulders of home owners to wonder if this next storm, or heatwave, will be the straw that breaks the roof over their head. A good roof provides security, structural integrity, and passive energy saving solutions to beat the heat without running the AC until it burns down.

Roofing Services

Netzel brings its services to any roof.
Operating out of Waxahachie, Texas, they can reach rooftops from Dallas to Austin with ease.
Netzel offers the best service in the area for all kinds of roofs.

Asphalt Roofs

Asphalt Roofs

Asphalt is one of the longest used roofing techniques of modern house construction and maintenance. It’s the upgraded form of the old world pitch and tar, but with better weather treatment and durability. When an asphalt roof needs fixing, it usually needs tiles replaced or repaired. In even worse cases, the adhesive under the tiles is compromised preventing any from setting in place. Netzel can fix them up, layer by layer.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are more complicated than they seem. No angles or slopes, but yet they still catch and disperse water and heat equally. How do they do it? There are multiple layers to a flat roof, and if one of those layers goes it can massively impact the rest. From the surface to the roof deck, the vapor barrier and insulation between, we can find what’s wrong and fix it fast.

Flat Roofs
Panel Roofs

Panel Roofs

Panel roofs have a whole different installation method that makes them, in one part, easy to replace or a trial to reinstall. Netzel has both ends covered. We will learn what kind of panels you have – metal, fiberglass or plastic composite – and get you the replacement you need before you even notice.

Standing Seam Roofs

Nothing quite beats the weatherproofing of a standing seam roof, with multiple compartment layers to keep even the heaviest rain or most aggressive heat from reaching the floors below. They can also be damaged by falling debris or broken through after years of exposure. Having one fixed or replaced can help keep the heat from leaking in before the summer gets unbearable.

Standing Seam Roofs
TPO Roofs

TPO Roofs

Thermoplastic PolyOlefin is a new roofing system mostly used in commercial buildings. It’s made of a single synthetic layer with a reinforcing membrane which is used between the paneling at the very top and the roofing deck on the underside. Being mostly made of long-lasting plastics and other materials it’s a great solution for a commercial property that expects to stay open and keep cool all year round, but if anything goes wrong you’ll want fast service to come by and patch it up without losing any business.

Stone Coated Steel Roofs

A steel roof is a heating disaster, and can burn everything above and below. But steel is one of the most durable building materials around. To counter that heating property, contractors layer it with tiles to provide shade, cool insulation and an aesthetically pleasing look. We can make sure those tiles don’t break or crack. One hot spot on a steel roof will definitely be felt, and can even lead to damage inside the house where the heat meets wood and other vulnerable materials.

Stone Coated Steel Roofs
Clay Tile Roofs

Clay Tile Roofs

Few roofs are quite as Texan as a clay tile roof, a technique from the old west days to keep heat out and the cool in. Clay tiles are high durability even against wind and hail, but they’re not immune to all damage. They’re also heavy, so having broken tiles hanging overhead is a disaster waiting to happen if they drop. If you see some chunky flakes of clay around your house that could only come from up above, we can get it fixed up quick with new tiles, new placement and new solutions to keep that Texas look strong.

Concrete Roofs

Concrete is one of the sturdiest and longest lasting materials for construction around. It’s also easy to replace if, or when, it breaks. Since concrete tends to like laying as flat as possible, there are many mixing techniques that need to be observed when creating and pouring a batch to keep it in place. We’ll get the mix to you and patch in any holes, or replace any slabs in sight to keep your building hurricane-ready.

Concrete Roofs
Gutter Systems

Gutter Systems

One service a roof provides is protection from the weather. Texas is no desert, we get rain from coast to coast throughout the year, and plenty of it. So much rain that, if it’s left to pool in certain places, it can leave damage over time. A roof isn’t fully weather proof until it has somewhere for the weather to go: a gutter. Gutters are essential parts of the roof, deserving of just as much care as the rest. We work with gutters of all kinds, with installation and replacement and simple repairs and clog removal.

Other Services

House repair doesn’t stop at the roof. We handle all aspects of home maintenance, even on the ground. Fencing for residential or commercial properties, from stained wood to chain-link or rod iron installments. Carpentry and painting services for interior or exterior walsall and siding. Pressure washing to brighten up dirty surfaces and staining to keep them safe for the future. Netzel can make a house that looks good from the ground or from high up, to give it a roof-eye view of perfection.

Fencing for residential

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Netzel Roofing did an amazing job on our repairs. The job was thoroughly done. The company was able to fix what our last contractor didn’t complete and repaired damages that were transparent. We appreciate the honesty and the customer service from Netzel Roofing and his team.

Excellent company! Great customer service! They finished new roof installation on our house and pool house in one day. Unbelievable! They were very protective of our yard, plants and flowers from roof debri by covering everything including our pool. Thank you!

Netzel Roofing provided an amazing experience when we asked them to replace our roof. From start to finish communication was great and I never felt out of the loop. I would recommend this company to anyone needing a roof replacement.

Recently worked with Netzel Roofing & Construction and was super impressed with his professionalism. In an era where nobody does what they say they are going to do, Netzel Roofing followed through and surpassed my expectations.

Great service and very professional. Netzel Roofing was wiling to expertly walk us through every step of the process so we could be 100% confident. Roof was replaced in a timely manner and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

Incredible experience with this company. Established expectations at each step and followed through on everything. My roof looks great and amazing job cleaning up all the debris and leaving nothing behind. Every person I spoke to and worked with were professional and personable building my trust and ultimately my loyalty.


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